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10 Top Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Weddings: The significance and high regard that accompanies this special day only enhances the need for it to be extravagant and special. Following this rationale, weddings are typically known for their high prices.

But, what if you could reduce the cost of your wedding, making it glamorous, yet affordable.

Here are the Top Ten Tips to make your wedding day special and glamorous and not bust the wedding budget.

  1. The Wedding Guest List

    Be sure you are 100% satisfied with your guest list. You don't want to be uncomfortable on your special day! Knowing this will make pruning the guest list easy. Less people, means less money at the reception hall. Creating rules such as the minimum age of children attending or only first cousins will be invited will reduce the number of attendees, therefore reducing the cost of the reception hall.

  2. The Wedding Venue

    One of the most important details of the wedding day are the location and the reception hall. Today, everyone wants the place to be as special as the day. When picking a venue, consider a wide range of options. Venues like banquet halls, restaurants, parks, non traditional places and homes provide a wide range of options and accommodations. Each wedding site may have gorgeous settings and furniture that would be perfect for your celebration while saving you money.

  3. Invitations (Paper and Fonts)

    One extra cost that may arise is picking and creating the perfect invitation. Picking the right font and paper is critical to keeping the cost down. Besides color and design, the font is what literally first communication to the invitee. Some fonts and paper, as fancy as they are, come with cost effective pricing, however, pricing varies widely and once you consider the number of invitations it can grow beyond any budget. Research free but beautiful fonts and standard paper will keep any wedding on budget.

  4. Wedding Color

    Wedding color is an important ingredient of every wedding. Color sets the mood for the whole event. Believe it or not, the color of your wedding effect the overall price of the wedding. Picking one color over many colors, will set a tone and save you money.

  5. Bargain Hunting for Bridal Party and Wedding Gifts

    Bridal Party Gifts are often an overlook expense that can add up quickly. While others are going to expensive stores, buying expensive items for giveaways and gifts, it isn't a necessity. Bargain hunting on bridal party wedding websites and buying in bulk will save you hundreds. eBay and Etsy are great resources for unique and classy bridal party gifts at great bargain prices.

  6. Wedding Flowers

    When it comes to saving on wedding and bridal flowers, there are massive savings to be had, if you know the following tips. Ordering exotic flowers in large amounts is costly. One consideration is not to have flowers, but this in many cases this is unrealistic. Buying flowers in season and buying flowers in bulk when the flowers are abundantly available will lower your flower cost dramatically.

  7. Wedding Dress

    The wedding dress is often considered the most important part of the wedding. You can save money on your wedding dress, but it may require looking in a discount or high volume bridal store. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

    Should I consider a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress? Yes, various websites and bridal stores now sell slightly used and not even worn designer wedding dresses that are designer wedding dresses for half the price.

  8. No Cake

    A growing trend among brides is to skip the cake and instead serving their favorite desserts. Save money by eliminating costly cake, providing a cost effective personalized desert may prove to be a better alternative that your budget will love.

  9. Money Saving Tradition

    Although it may be already part of the wedding philosophy, the traditional wedding saying "something borrowed" can be cost effective. Not only does it save money for all the bridal needs, but it means more for the bride to wear something sentimental. For example, borrowing your mother's or grandmother's jewelry will not only save you money, but make your appearance more special.

  10. Entertainment

    Don't want a band for your reception? Become your own DJ! Creating a special play list from your own iPod will be comforting and allow you to tailor the wedding's music to your guests. Your own wedding music will not only make it special, but traditional and and sentimental for you, your husband and your guests.

Save Money and Enjoy Your Wedding Day

No matter what is decided, remember; to it's your Wedding day, no one else's. The wedding will be your own experience. Hopefully, you can incorporate several of the about wedding savings and money savings tips and keep your wedding on budget. A wedding should be as comfortable as the girl wearing the perfect dress, listening to the right music, and marrying the perfect man. If you can do this and stay on budget, you have a great foundation for your marriage.


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